I believe writers should always share their work.

Submitting your work, sharing it to others in any forms is a bit intimidating, but it’s scary for anyone to share their work. Teachers are in front of people with their work, so are doctors and nurses – the results of welders or builders’ work, car mechanics, etc. are in plain view every day.

Some of the feedback they get from their audience is rather personal, to say the least. Everybody gets feedback for their work, gets criticised.

Being published is an achievement and an opportunity to get feedback. I’m grateful for that. This list is my work as a writer, not as a journalist or marketing specialist.

Guest blog article about starting a blog:  From Ideas To Posts: Kickstart Your Blogging Journey 

Poem I See the Sea In Me 

Short story My Greatest Adventure

Short story Donmouth, at Yorick Radio

Short story The Lifeline, at BBC Radio Scotland

August 2020/ Finding Stella in Reedsy

July 2020/  The time of our lives in Scottish PEN Patience issue (pages 22-25)

June/2020 Dare to be a dreamer in Lightbox Originals 

March 2020 /All alike (page 5) in Transgender Stories by Aberdeen Central Library and Four Pillars