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Birgit Itse, kirjanik, koolitaja, kõneleja, lugude arhitekt

My first interview for UK media (besides blogs and podcasts) was on the 31st of October 2020. It was for Chat and Spin radio who has more than 750 000 listeners all over the world. Unfortunately, this replay is not available online anymore.

Collaboration with an amazing artist Gemma Hare. Our Facebook live together.

January, 2021, a local newspaper Press and Journal published an article 

Blog post by the award-winning photographer Iska Birnie

Was interviewed by Ginger and Nuts 

Interview to the local Media Station SHMU

Podcast Marc My Words

Becoming Happy for Spirit and Soul podcast 

3 tips to write brilliantly even if you think you can’t. Interview to a podcaster in Australia

The Breakthrough podcast

Sharing my poem I wrote for the MISS Charity

Podcast about cultures around the world.

Klaas Half Full podcast, episode 6

Interview for the Yorick Radio

The Scene Aberdeen – Birgit Itse – Geography is Irrelevant video

Podcast about human connection

Playwright  Pure Baltic

Pretalk Botcasters in the series for the 4th edition of The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit, March 12-14, 2024 in Edinburgh

Performing enough! at Aberdeen Music Hallabout 

Talk at the Aberdeen Health and Wellbeing Festival. 13.01.2024. How to turn your weaknesses into strengths with the power of words?

Interview The Grey Hill – What ise we keep talking about and Time of Our Lives

Podcast – turning your dreams into reality