My Coaching

My workshop isn’t one of those ‘talking head’ or ‘gazillion slides’ type of workshops. You are going to be involved. My workshops are like my writings, unique and universal.

The secret of success is not in doing certain things, it’s about doing things in a certain way.
Bob Proctor

What is your way? Is it like everyone else’s way, or are you brave enough to lead the field? Most businesses value being different, but when it comes to choosing methods, they tend to prefer to be followers instead of being leaders.

Who would you like to be?

How do you position yourself and your business?

My coaching is divided into three main categories: workshops, team-trainings, or personal coaching. All my sessions are practical because I believe that the only way to practise writing is by writing. And writing as a form of communication is one of the main tools to internal and external clarity.