Writing Workshops

Everybody, who can write their name, can write anything they’d like to write. 

We are all creative. To prove yourself that you are, join my public workshops or invite me to deliver them in your team or business community. All these workshops can be delivered online and in person. 

Unleash Your Inner Writing Genius (Personal and Professional development)—60-minute workshop will give you tools to start, get unstuck, find time, and nurture your natural creativity. It’ll also help you understand your unique writing voice, which is the key to stand out, when using AI to create your written content. 

Max group size – 30 people.

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How To Turn Curiosity into Conversion? (Professional development) is a 3-hour masterclass about writing styles used in marketing to spark curiosity, create connections, develop conversations, which eventually lead to conversion. Participants learn which styles to use where and when, and why to include all four styles in their marketing. 

They’ll have a clearer understanding of the content and its structure, it also helps create content strategy. This knowledge is highly valuable for those entrepreneurs, who use AI tools in their marketing.  Maximum group size is 25 people. 

Invite me to teach your team or business community, or buy tickets to the next public workshop HERE

Explore Your Life Through Words (Personal Development) – 60–90-minute workshop that will invite you to see the keywords in your life from new perspectives and provide tools to live more meaningfully. Max group size – 30 people.

COMING SOON! January 2024 

Memoir-writing Masterclass (Personal and Professional development) – 180 min masterclass that will help you get started with your first draft and provide you everything you need to know to finish this draft. Max group size 10 people. 

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