Becoming happy is not a destination. For me, it's life itself – with everything and everyone in it. It's being true to yourself, doing the things you really want to do.

The first book of the series #õnnelikteekond #becominghappy was published on 28 May 2020, while the whole world was living in the COVID-19 lockdown. Almost everything had been put on hold, but 700 first edition copies, printed and published in Estonia, were delivered to me in Scotland, where I now live and where much of the writing was done.

It was in November 2020, when we re-sized and re-designed the book, and the second edition was accepted by Amazon. Here’s a link, to purchase it. If you have it already, please leave a review. That will help other people to decide, too.

The book is bilingual, and written in two languages, Estonian and English. 

To discuss translations into other languages, please get in contact! I’d love that. I’d like to keep two languages in the book, side by side, one small and the other bigger, supporting each other.

The Alphabet of Life was my Christmas present for myself. Published on the 22nd of December 2022, it has been praised by mindset coaches, appreciated by creatives, and brought joy for people, who are looking for daily inspiration. Here’s a link, to purchase it.

It includes the invitation to create a list of your own meaningful words, and 2-minute writing prompts to unload your mind or unleash your creativity.

The workshop – Explore Your Life Through Words – was inspired by that book, and I’ve run it successfully in English and Estonian. It was also in the program at an international conference, Creative Bridges, and the best feedback came from the psychotherapists who participated: I have finally found the tools for my clients to help them change perspectives on what has happened in their lives. If you’d like to know more, please get in contact.


Other books in English that include my writing

Geography is Irrelevant (2020)

MISS Charity Cookbook (2020)

Joined Up Writing. 100 voices (2021)

Blotters Jotters (2023)