My Writing

All those ideas, already on paper or waiting to be written. Stories of my own, or others, waiting to be told. I’m not waiting for inspiration because it’s always within me. Indeed, sometimes it takes time to catch the right words, but writing and creating is my natural way of being.

Birgit Itse writing

“The thing about writing is…”

That was the first writing prompt my first writing mentor Jamie Jauncey gave me. It was March, 2020, and I had been in Aberdeen 2,5 months.

I wrote like it was my first, and my last chance to write what writing really meant to me.

From time to time, I go back to that reply. Every single word of it still applies.

It was the first time ever anyone gave me an opportunity to write about my relationship with writing. It was liberating. Eye-opening. Calming. Inspirational. And many other things.

It became one of the exercises I invite my students to write about. You can find out about my workshops HERE.

A lot has changed since that day. I have become a published author.

My passion for words, for stories and writing has only grown. I love learning, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge. In writing and in speaking.