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and I am a writer and a speaker.

#õnnelikteekond #becominghappy

The first book of the series #õnnelikteekond #becominghappy was published on 28 May 2020, while the whole world was living in the COVID-19 lockdown. Almost everything had been put on hold, but 700 first edition copies, printed and published in Estonia, were delivered to me in Scotland, where I now live and where much of the writing was done.

The book is bilingual, and actually written in two languages, Estonian and English.


Be Inspired

There’s a unique way of saying universal things. I do that.

Writing has made me the person I am today. I don’t look for inspiration. Inspiration is looking for me. I meet ideas everywhere. I love organizing. I love creativity. 

I live in my organized creativity. 



I take photos but I’m not a photographer. I love details, moments, contrasts, and colours. You can purchase my photos here 

All the photos of me on this website are by talented, award-winning Iska Birnie Photography.



The power of words. Images and desires created by words. 

Be kind. Share your truth respectfully. Often, it’s the matter of making a better place for everybody. 

Words create actions. Writing is taking action.