Have you ever thought about being an author but you don’t like to write?

Are you brimming with ideas you can express verbally, but don’t know how to put on paper?

Well, not every author featured on a book’s cover actually wrote that book. They have hired a ghostwriter to do that. This service has existed maybe for centuries, but still a lot of people know so little about it. 

By having a ghostwriter to work with you, you can have your book, as proof of your credibility, become the expert in your field, increase your income and raise awareness of your business and you in this business.

Maybe you are a (mindset) coach, maybe a successful event planner? I’m sure you have valuable stories you always share with your customers, or you use in your daily work. They need your stories. They learn from them. 

Or maybe it is just something for your grandchildren to read and be amazed by. I love writing stories, creating them. Therefore, I can say I’m more than just a ghostwriter. I’ll help you to construct your story, I’ll be your story architect. 

This book will have your voice, like you wrote it. And for the whole world, you did. And, you will enjoy the royalties. Except, let me do the hard work, because I enjoy writing. My waiting list for big projects like books is currently about 2 months, so will have plenty of time to think of the stories you’d like to share. I can even help you to choose between them if you wish. 

If you’d like to do a part of the writing by yourself, or maybe you’ve already written something you’d like to include, but you are unsure how this is going to work? We’ll make it work. You will have your book, your dream, your relief, your remedy to heal. 

Still not sure?

Let’s discuss it, book your 60-minute discovery call by clicking on the image below. If you decide to work with me, the charge (£100) will be taken off of your pre-payment, and in case you have already something written, the Evaluation (prices starting from £300) will be for free for you. 

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