Keynote and Inspirational Speeches

Creativity is a system where the flow is born with the help of restrictions.

Imagine a 17-year-old blond girl being a tour-guide on a military island and a group of middle-aged men arriving, looking slightly disappointed after being introduced to their tour-guide. “So, we’re not going to see the former sea-mine construction factory and storage buildings?” they ask, opening another can of beer. “We are,” the young tour-guide confirms, making sure her glasses sit tightly on her nose. “Are we going to have an actual tour-guide when we get there?” one of the men asks. “I am your actual tour-guide,” the young girl replies, and by the sound of it, it’s not her first time for that type of conversation. The smile on her face is still friendly.

That young girl was me. Over the years and in different places, I’ve had many tough audiences, including 4-year-olds, who only want to run around, or teenagers, who avoided eye-contact. However, I’ve managed to keep people engaged.

Whether it’s a keynote speech, after-dinner talk, or sharing my own inspirational journey, expect my speeches to give the audience food for their thoughts, challenge their thinking and give them new perspectives.

I have over 20 years of experience in event hosting.  Currently, I’m one of the main hosts and organisers of the Poetry in the Park in Aberdeen, in collaboration with Like a Blot from the Blue and Common Sense Coffee House and Bar.

Whether it’s a private or public event, I’d be delighted to educate and entertain. Please, get in touch to bounce ideas.