Word Accord

Words create actions. They can make or break you and your business. Words are close friends of mine. They have a rest and a nest in my mind.

Word Accord was born on the 22nd of April 2020. Within two days I had the name and the Facebook page, I designed the logo, created a landing page, etc.

Word Accord is my first business. Inspired by words and Aberdeen.

Having a business was never my dream. My dream is to write. And I do whatever is needed to follow my dream. Even if it means finances and legislation, and a tax system that’s totally different to Estonia. I had help. I’ve learned to ask for help, because I’ve learned that helping others makes you happy, and I want them to be happy, too.

My first customers were small businesses like me. I had grateful tears in my eyes when I got the first customer feedback. „I really can!“ I thought, and this thought has been my lighthouse so far.