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How to find happiness when you feel like you are not enough for your life and your life is not enough for you? You try everything that makes everybody else happy, but with you – it’s just not working.

This book filled with colorful images from nature aligned with thought-provoking prose-poems is a new approach to find your personal ways of becoming happy. It helps you find the answers you even didn’t know you were looking for because you didn’t know how to ask those questions. Find your ways of becoming happy with this easy but meaningful reading.
No tips, no secrets to be revealed but inspiration and encouragement.

This inspirational book is also a great tool for mindset coaches looking for new inspirational quotes and thinking exercises.

The first book of the series #õnnelikteekond #becominghappy was published on 28 May 2020, while the whole world was living in the COVID-19 lockdown. Almost everything had been put on hold, but 700 first edition copies, printed and published in Estonia, were delivered to me in Scotland, where I now live and where much of the writing was done.

The book is bilingual, and written in two languages, Estonian and English.

Downloadable 86 pages

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