Mindset Writing

Mindset writing is something I enjoy the most. I guess I've always had, as some of the notebooks from my University period included the same type of writing. A little bit thought-provoking.

Mindset writing for me is a type of writing that gets you to think. To really think. It may be mind-blowing but it can also be inspiring and encouraging. It can be in a form of a poem or short story. These are perfect to include into your speech, or workbook, if you are a mindset coach. I love working with and for coaches and artists. 

A huge part of my success was my mindset coach, Kai Oja, and studying the Thinking into Results programme by Proctor Gallagher Institute. 

Without that, I’d never fully understand why wise people like Jamie Jauncey, my writing mentor, would believe in me. Or why I should believe in myself.

This is why working with mindset coaches is a topic close to my heart.

I thrive on creating worksheets, workbooks, books (can be ghostwritten), and marketing materials. The #becominghappy series has a lot to do with mindset, and I love coming up with original thought-provoking ideas, exercises and quotes to be used in these materials.

I also enjoy being an open, inspirational guest speaker in their (online) sessions. Sometimes being inspired is all we need to say Yes.

Mindset writing is perfect to go with art. I love looking at the piece of art and writing a poem or a short story inspired by it. The greeting card series for Lockdown Heroes and video-poems with an Estonian artist Ülle Puu are just two examples. 

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